"Manufacturing Food" Should Be an Ethical Business
Everyone at Chiao Thai Hsing Works for One Cause Produce International World-Class High Quality Flour

Why do few companies apply for SQF on their own initiative?
1 Huge Expenses
2 Laborious Procedures
3 Follow-up Inspections

Food Safety and Quality Plan". This serves as a rehearsal on paper followed by actual implementation. It comes with extremely detailed regulations and serves as prevention from pollution (either unintentional or otherwise) and damages. SQF certification can be said to be the paragon of food safety and quality, as it has the most comprehensive standards. This is exactly why the customers are provided with the most comprehensive food safety protection.

Chiao Thai Hsing sees "manufacturing food" as an ethical business. We strictly abide by the core spirit of our company – "honesty and conscientiousness", and we will continue to follow the certification requirements of the highest standards. We are an international brand, and we provide high quality world-class flour. We want our customers to feel rest assured and eat safe.

"Chiao Thai Hsing SQF Food Safety and Quality Plan"

The management procedures established by Chiao Thai Hsing include 9 major facets, consisting of more than a hundred SOPs and more than 1,230,000 words in total, are constructed by numerous details. For example, every machine has its own detailed SOPs for cleaning, maintenance and repair. Even though there are more than a thousand machines in our mill, every single detail is strictly followed and implemented.

Every bag of Chiahe flour is produced under the comprehensive food safety and quality management system. Only when the flour has undergone meticulous examinations will it be delivered to our customers.

Establish, Implement, Maintain – A Food Safety and Quality Management System under Continual Improvement