Contact Us FAQ

  • Where can I purchase Chiahe Flour?

    For large bags of flour (22 kg), please leave a message in the Contact Us section of the website.

    We will provide the contact details of a closest distributor for placing your order (some distributors sell smaller bags as well), thank you.

  • Do you sell bread flour without additives?

    Yes, we do. Our Bread Flour (1 kg) has no artificial additives.

    Alternatively, our Bread Flour (Yellow Label) contains compound Vitamin C. However, additives must be labeled as of the ratification of new food safety regulations on 19 June 2014. To ensure that customers use our products with confidence, our labels indicate Vitamin C, fungal liquefaction enzymes, xylanase enzymes, and phospholipases. These additives are for making the flour easier to handle and improving product quality.

    All additives are natural extracts. Based on our QC personnel, these natural additives will dissipate during baking. Therefore, our products are safe for human consumption.

  • Do you sell flour without additives?

    Yes. Our Bread Flour, Premium All Purpose Flour, All Purpose Flour, and Cake Flour are all no food additives added.

  • What is the difference between Bread Flour and Bread Flour (Yellow Label)?

    Both products are bread flour. They differ in flour ratio. The gluten content of Bread Flour is higher than Bread Flour (Yellow Label).

    Bread Flour is no food additives added no food additives added.

    Bread Flour (Yellow Label) contains Vitamin C, xylanase enzymes, phospholipases, and fungal liquefaction enzymes. These additives are for making the flour easier to handle, delaying staling, and retaining moisture.

  • What is the difference between All Purpose Flour and Premium All Purpose Flour?

    Both products are all purpose flour. They differ in flour ratio. The protein content of Premium All Purpose Flour is slightly higher than All Purpose Flour (approximating bread flour). Dough made from Premium All Purpose has slightly more gluten than that of All Purpose Flour. Premium All Purpose Flour is suitable for making Xiaolongbao and boiled dumpling wrappers and noodles, which have a tougher texture, and All Purpose Flour is recommended for steamed buns (i.e. Mantou, Baozi), which have a softer texture.

    Various products are available for customers to choose from. There are no rules for handling flour.

  • Do you sell gluten-free flour?

    No, we do not produce gluten-free flour. Gluten, or the skin of wheat, are tightly adhered to wheat. Small traces of gluten remain in the wheat after grinding. It is near impossible to completely eradicate gluten from wheat.

  • What product should I choose for making bread with a bread machine?

    Both Bread Flour and Bread Flour (Yellow Label) can be used.

  • Are the public allowed to visit the Chiao Thai Hsing Flour Factory? What are the available visitation times?

    We’ve received schools and baking groups in the past. Although these tours were extremely popular, we have limited visitations to clients only due to increased production volume. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you.

  • Where does the wheat used in Chiao Thai Hsing products originate? Do you use GMO or Non-GMO wheat?

    We import our wheat from the US. Wheat grown in the US does not undergo genetic modification researches. The USDA and US wheat farmers have expressed that they will not and will not allow the planting of GMO wheat until the consumer and international markets open up to such products. Therefore, GMO wheat does not exist in the US market. Previous reports of traces of GMO wheat may be the remnants of previous experiments. However, these crops have been destroyed. The discovery of a GMO wheat farmer in Oregon State was an isolated event involving one farm. Before importing the wheat, we first receive an inspection report compiled by the US inspection agency. The report contains the specifications, gluten, pesticide residue certificate, and Non-GMO statement. Wheat cannot be shipped if an abnormality is found. Thank you.

  • Are you on other social media platforms besides official website?

    Yes, we have a Facebook page under the name “Chiahe Flour Brand (嘉禾牌麵粉)” and “Neverland LITE.”

    You can also follow us on Instagram @neverlandlite. Our official Line account is “neverland LITE” (ID: @aik2076p).

    We will post new product information and promotional news on these platforms from time to time. We look forward to your support.