• BeginWheat enters the factor

    Wheat enters the factor

  • QC1

    Wheat inspection standards
    Inspection items:
    Protein, ash, moisture, pest, odor.

  • Preliminary screening

  • Wheat storage

  • Wheat allocation

  • First refined screening

  • First tempering

  • QC2

    Tempering control standards
    Inspection items:

  • Second tempering

  • Second refined screening

  • QC3

    Wheat refined screening control standards
    Inspection items:
    Total inclusions

  • Grinding

  • Screening

  • Packed into barrels

  • Allocation

  • QC4

    Product inspection control standards
    Inspection items:
    Content inspection: Protein, ash, moisture, wet gluten, fineness, color.
    Material testing: Gluten test, tensile test, viscosity test, mixing test.
    Microbiology testing: Total bacteria, E.coli.
    Process testing: Bread, steamed buns (Mantou), cakes, cookies, various Chinese desserts.

  • Safety screening

  • Packaging

  • QC5

    Packaging control standards
    Inspection items:
    Package weight, suture, print, manufacturing date, valid date.

  • FinishProduct storage

    Product storage